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Many of us may have seen kayaking, either on a river trip, or on the television - its looks exciting, a big rapid, a colorful kayaker weaving a path through the waves and all the randomness of white water. You may have wondered, if you could be that person in the kayak, if you could look as graceful and have that much fun, being so much closer to the water than being on a raft.

If kayaking has caught your eye and interest, and now you want to learn how to negotiate rapids and how to surf those waves and holes. Let the Aquaterra Adventures kayak school show you the ropes, from paddling in a straight line, to negotiating class 1 and 2 rapids, to taking the plunge into the tongue of a Class 3 or 4 rapid.

At the Aquaterra Adventures kayak school, or instructors have the experience and skill to teach beginners the basics of whitewater and the finer details of paddling skills and new techniques. We have a wide range of kayaks to suit your skill level and body type.

Kayak classes are scheduled upto 4 days. We recommend that you spend at least four days in our school as a first step. The reason for this is that you will have more time to learn and practice the basic skills, and then apply them to moving water.

Learning to kayak is challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Kayaking will help you get some exercise, along with running some fun rapids, and of course keep you in touch with the great outdoors.

The Himalayas, stretching 3,200 kilometers along India's northern frontiers, cradle numerous rivers which drain them all year round. This abundance of mountain rivers makes India a world class whitewater destination‚ with plenty of first-descent and exploratory possibilities.

We offer you the complete whitewater wilderness experience with trips ranging from a few hours to a few days expeditioning‚ down some of the premier Himalayan rivers. Short day trips are run from our river beach camp on the Ganga river, SILVER SANDS , with deluxe tented accommodation and the luxuries of a fixed camp. Multi-day expeditions move down the river with all the equipment required loaded onto the rafts and different camps pitched every evening. We also offer perfectly blended rafting-cum-trekking‚ trips for those who don't want to miss out on the local culture and people. We customize trips to suit your special interest and time schedule. For people interested in kayaking, we can offer help with information, transport and equipment.

In the state of Jammu & Kashmir, the river Indus, flowing across high altitude deserts, offers fascinating day trips based out of Leh, the District headquarters of Ladakh. A 2-3 days trip starting out of Leh is also possible. An ultimate experience would be the 14 day Zanskar river expedition. July till end of September is the best time.

In Himachal Pradesh, the river‚ Beas‚ offers an excellent day trip, best done in May-June. During May and June, visit us at our Tons river base in western Uttaranchal to enjoy some excellent Class 4 Whitewater. The Sutlej provides a beautiful though challenging Class IV+ gorge section in a four/five day self-contained expedition which can be organized between November and April.
In the hills of the state of Uttar Pradesh, the Ganga‚ and its tributaries make up for the most popular whitewater in India. Our river camp lies an hour upstream of Rishikesh on the Ganga, making an excellent getaway from hectic city life. Day trips on the Ganga and 4-5 days expedition style trips on the Alaknanda/Bhagirathi‚ and Ganga are easy options right from October to April.

The Kali river forming the Indo-Nepalese international boundary makes an exhilarating mix of long float trips, great angling and class III/IV white water, during October to May.

In Sikkim, the Teesta and Rangit rivers, besides day rafting trips, promise great kayaking potential, also from October to April. Darjeeling, in West Bengal can be the base for day trips on the Teesta as well.

Arunachal Pradesh, recently open to tourism, is for the adventurous explorer due to its inaccessibility and remoteness. The river Brahmaputra, one of the greatest rivers in the world, offers a 10 day expedition through dense rainforests, tribal settlements and some great white water. The river Subansari, the biggest tributary of the Brahmaputra also offers a spectacular 4-5 day expedition through deep gorges and some of the remote parts of the state. The best season for these rivers is November to March. Our river guides have the distinction of rafting all major rivers in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

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