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Underwater Diving

About Scuba Diving

The discovery of a colorful underwater is the most rewarding experience of an Andaman / Nicobar Island holiday. The blue green, turquoise, and aquamarine waters are home for the magical and mysterious underwater world coral reefs, shells and a fantastic variety of marine life. The Andaman Beach resort at Corbyn's Cove offers excellent arrangements for scuba diving expeditions.

Tips About Scuba Diving
While diving there divers should always keep certain safety options in mind. Always dive with a partner, never dive alone, this ensures you that the help is nearby whenever you face danger. Always display a "Diver Below" flags to advise boat drivers and jet skis of your presence. Diving should be done in proper health, so get indulges in this sport only when you are totally fit.

Before planning your diving trip think about all the safety precautions too. The coral areas and lagoons of Andaman / Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands are protected regions. Try not to damage plants, disturb the wildlife and do not leave any garbage behind.

Instructors and experts are present at the dive sites and reserve the right to refrain any participant from undertaking the adventure. A doctor's certificate is required if participants have a heart disease, respiratory or sinus related problems. Minimum age for diving in India is 12 years and will be only at instructor's discretion.

Most of the islands in Andaman and Lakshadweep are inaccessible and foreign tourists require special permits to enter these islands. It is advisable to carry a few extra passport photographs and copies of your passport, as you would need to submit these to the tourist authorities on arrival, for your permit to visit the islands.

Scuba Diving Gears
The basic diving gears are Masks, Fins, Snorkels and Fins. For enhanced visibility especially under deep water and around corals and comfort, single, two, three and four window masks are the best option. Slip on Fins is ideal for warm water diving, as these fins allow more water to flow over the blade for increased thrust. For a better performance go for strap fins, as they allow a smoother and more powerful kick with less effort.

Scuba Diving Regions in India
Diving is sport that's usually done in the regions, which are least explored and least known. The more secluded a diving destination is, the more adventurous it becomes, as said by the professional divers. The scuba diving and snorkeling adventure in India involves two Tropical Island destinations of the country - Andaman / Nicobar and Lakshwadeep, which have caught the attention of divers from around the world for their remoteness and rich bio-diversity.

Scuba Diving in Andaman / Nicobar Islands
The coastal water surrounding of Andaman / Nicobar Islands is a home to one of the richest coral reef Eco-system in the world. The specialty about the coral reefs and underwater formations of these islands is that they are untarnished by human activities. The best season for scuba diving is from December to April.

Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep Islands
Popularly known as Lacadives, the waters of Lakshadweep Islands are completely untouched and pure, some even totally unexplored. Kadmat Island is one destination of Lakshadweep that is embraced by a lagoon that stretches across its western shores and sweeps over the northern tip to the east. This natural formation offers you the opportunity to dive in blood warm waters. Waters that have never been dived before invite you to explore an underwater world teeming with marine life and virgin coral reefs.

Scuba Diving in Goa
Third major scuba diving destination is Goa, sport lovers would be amazed to see a similar kind of marine life that is also found in the islands of Maldives. Another adventure grabbing attention of this destination is the presence of wrecks of Spanish and Portuguese galleons and World War II ships. Grande Island near Goa is a major diving site and for some interesting shallow diving you can check out Malvan Shoal.

Scuba Diving in Devbagh, Karwar Beach
A noteworthy beach resort diving site is Devbagh near Karwar Beach in Karnataka, which is having eight dive sites on its islands like Kumaragarh, Anjudeep and Sannyasi that surround Devbagh. Also available over here are advanced scuba diving courses that are run by trainers affiliated to PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, USA.

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