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About Parasailing

Assuming yourself, 100 feet or more above the blue ocean, as the boat stops, you gradually flow downward and just when you are about to submerge in the water, Oops! The boat takes off and you go flying back into the air.
Parasaling assist, harnessing into a parachute and swinging in the sky, high above the boat and beach or jumping off a steep hill to fly in the wind, cherishing the splendid panorama of the whole environ.

Parasailing -A Thrilling Adventure Sport

Parasailing is another form of aerie sport, which is acquiring great popularity among the adventure sport lovers in India. This challenging sport is an enthralling experience for all thrill-seekers. Parasailing transform you into a human kite swinging hundreds of feet above the emerald green waters of the ocean.

Para sailing has developed as a new experience in the field of adventure sports. We human always had the lust of flying like a bird in the vast blue sky, over the hills and valleys and with a gradual rise and fall. Except during the monsoons, parasailing is safe throughout the year.

Parasailing in India

Training programs in parasailing are available for tourist in the Doon valley. Apart from Billing in Himachal, the thrill of this parasailing can also be enjoyed on the slopes of the Solang valley near Manali, Nilgiri hills in the South India, the Eastern Himalayas in the Darjeeling/Gangtok area, Auli in Uttranchal, and Sansar in Jammu & Kashmir.

Himachal Tourism sponsors training programs and events at various times of the year, in different places. There is an Adventure Sports Hostel at Dharamsala (Kangra) and an Aero Sports Complex at Bir who facilitates parasailing.

Methods of Parasailing

There are 3 methods of parasailing currently being offered to consumers around the world. Winchboat Parasailing, Beach Parasailing and Platform Palasailing. However, Winchboat Parasailing is the most popular and widely accepted method.

Winchboat Parasailing :

It is a method where the launch and recovery of the parasailor and parachute takes place directly from the boat itself. The boat is equipped with a parasail inflation system and hydraulic winch powered by the main drive engine to launch and retrieve the parasailor from the flight deck, usually located in the rear of the boat.

Beach Parasailing :

This sport along an exotic beach may seems to be a fun, but it can also be extremely hazardous, and not approved for even the most experienced parasailors.

Platform Parasailing :

Platform parasailing may not be as dangerous in comparison to beach parasailing. If you intend of parasailing using this method, never fly in winds under 5 and over 15 mph, in rough oceans, poor weather and certainly away from buildings and other objects in close proximity.

Parasailing Safety Tips

» Make sure you parasail with a fully licensed company operating from a well-established location, insured by a licensed insurance company.

» Untrained parasailors should avoid this activity in winds that exceed 15 knots due to difficulties and a complication arises during emergency water landings.

» Never take up parasailing activity in rain, fog or an approaching storm.

» Never fly over 600 feet. This is a maximum recommended altitude for using hand signals and recovery during water landings over open ocean and 300 feet over small lakes or bays.

» It is advisable avoid para-sailing in close proximately to the shoreline, other boats and/or objects

» Educate yourself on the different types of parasail equipment, passenger support devices (e.g. Harness, Tandem Bar, Ridged Chair methods being offered

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