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Climbing in India can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of conquering those virgin mountains of sub-continent. In recent years it has also become the fastest-growing sports of India. Explore the paths and acquire the wide-open spaces of the Himalayan peaks. Sojourn to the splendid flora and fauna in its natural environment. The trained guides organize trips to the mountain peaks, as high as 3000 m to have a vision of mountain wildlife or to luxuriate in the lush green mountain valleys.

If you are taking up climbing adventure for the first time, it might sound like a hazardous and rash activity. The sport has undergone some progression in recent times, however, making it safer and easier to learn than ever before. Climbing is a sport of self-discipline, vigor, stamina and finesse that can provide a great deal of personal gratification and, at times, stimulation.

There are several distinct types of climbing- including ice climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering and mountain climbing. Over the period of time the climbing has become fairly an advanced sport that has reached its height through its different level courses with a qualified instructors.

Climbing adventure in India, as in the other parts the world initiated as training for mountaineering. As a sport it took off only about 15 years ago and the climbing standards have reached to its greater heights in India.

Some of the most breathtaking regions with great climbs besides Himalayan mountains are at Mt. Abu (Rajasthan), Pachmarhi in Central India. The Gangotri Gorge 400 km. north of Delhi has ample opportunities of big wall climbings, ranging from 200m to 1,000m in alpine region. The town of Badami and its environs north of Hampi is another beautiful area with potential for new routing on the overhanging sandstone.

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