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Bike Safari

About Motor Bike Safari

Motorbike safari is nowadays catching up as a favourite thrilling adventure sport on the road. People who love bikes and travelling on it, keenly take an interest in this motorbike safari. Safari usually involves exploring the unexplored regions. But its also a chance to check out those places, which usually become a little off the way when you are on a planned tour trip.

On an offroad journey you'll witness spectacular scenarios gifted by nature to earth, encounter wildlife that's not possible to even check out on a jeep safari trip inside the jungles and the warth of the local people, who are always there to help visitors and shower them with the hospitality. So what makes motobike safari different from the rest of the safari trips? Simple, you are riding motorbike this time, instead of cr or a jeep. If you have been a loner, or like to ride and explore on your own, then plan the next safari trip of yours on a motor bike.
Motorbike Safari Tips

Travellers should have motorcycle-riding experience before they sign on for the trip. Even if you know how to ride a bike, you have a pretty good memory of remembering the routes as well as a good road sense, there are certain facts that you should always keep in mind while taking up a safari trip. Accommodation won't always be a luxurious one, so be prepared to stay in ethnic huts or tents and camps. Drinking water won't always be available, so keep a bakup of plenty of drinking water. If not possible, boil the one you get, purify it with chemical tablets and carry water bottles.

If you are planning to camp on you safari trip, carry you own food. Always carry route maps, which are accurate and reliable. Engage a guide if you are unware or new to certain location of your safari trip. Carry a basic first aid kit and sufficinet supplies of photographic films as they won't available on remote locations.

Open fires are not permitted if you are near a wildlife sanctaury and extinguish the fire, before leaving the campsite. Check out that whether you are going to get proper equipments for your safari trip, such as renting facilities for bikes. When renting a bike make sure that the bike is reliable and is in good and usable condition.

Climatic conditions and weather always vary and day and night temperature in the desert and at high altitude places also differ, so ensure that your clothing is suitable for all appropriate weather conditions.
Major Motorbike Safari Regions In India

Motorbike safari is the best option for you, just like jeep safari to explore the Himalayan regions of India. You can even take your bike to those areas, where even a jeep cannot reach. Because bikes are light in weight and quite flexible as far as altitude is concerned, you won't find any problem in driving through the cold desert region of Ladakh, Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur.

You can drive through one of world's highest highway. Drive out of Manali and you will reach Rohtang pass, at an altitude of 3,980m, which provides the entrance towards the arid region of Lahaul to Leh and Ladakh. From Shimla, move towards the picturesque Kinnaur and continue driving through the barren region of Spiti, which take the bikers to the Kunzum Pass, which is the entry point to Lahaul. Motrobikes can impose crtain limitations to explore these region of Himachal, but are a wonderful option to visit the off-beaten tracks of this Himalayan state.

Motorbike Safaris In Rajasthan :

Riding a bike through the countryside of Rajasthan is an exhilerating way to travel and witness the rural aspect of Rajasthan. The journey starts from Ranthambore National Park, one of the major and famous Tiger sanctuaries. Abondon your bikes for sometimes and enjoy a jeep side inside the sanctuary. Another wildlife sanctaury worth checking out is at Bharatpur, called the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Its a famous bird sanctuary.

The motor bike tour options in India include a 14-day bike safari through Rajasthan and a 17 day run through Ladakh. Travelling India by motorbike, gives the freedom to the biker to have close encounters with the beautiful countryside and the people of rural India. You also get the independence to travel wherever you want to.

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